The Cassiopaea Experiment is unique in the history of channeling, mediumship, and parapsychology. For years prior to the first Cassiopaean transmission, Laura Knight-Jadczyk went to great lengths to study the channeling phenomenon, including its history, its inherent strengths, weaknesses, dangers, and the various theories and methods developed in the past. After having exhausted the standard literature in search of answers to the fundamental problems of humanity, Laura and her colleagues (including her husband, mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk) have held regular sittings for more than twenty years.

With the goal of applying true scientific standards and critical thinking, Laura began her experimentation with the spirit board, chosen for the optimum conditions of conscious feedback it offers. As Laura writes, “We take the approach of a sort of scientific mysticism where mystical claims are submitted to rational analysis and testing, and the required scientific proofs are modified to allow for the nature of evidence from theorized realms outside of our own where ordinary scientific proofs might not apply.”

The dynamics and content of channeling are in general tightly entangled with current global events and the lives of the participants and their interpersonal relationships. For this reason, clarifying context has been added, and questions and answers have been annotated extensively, giving unprecedented insight into the background of the Cassiopaea Experiment.

In this year, the dialogue with the Cassiopaeans revolved around the further exploration of various theories that were promulgated at that time in books and the internet, the solar companion hypothesis, the theorized states of being above our own, hypnosis, mind programming, false prophecies, the rediscovery of a possible ancient technology utilized in the pre-history of mankind, quantum principles and possibilities for their macroscopic application, as well as the process of gaining more protection by assimilating and applying knowledge and networking with like-minded people.

For the first time in print, this volume includes complete transcripts of 44 experimental sessions conducted in 1996.