What flash froze the woolly mammoths in a matter of minutes? Was Earth inundated by water from Mars? What series of catastrophic events caused the advent of the Younger Dryas? Is there evidence to support the existence of an ongoing 3,600-year Earth-threatening cometary cycle? Was Venus a comet that made several destructive earthly flybys?

These are just some of the questions explored in this book that takes the reader on a fascinating and hair-raising journey through time and space that marshals abundant evidence to show that the official view of the history of our planet, on which mainstream science obtusely insists, is deeply problematic. Rather than a uniformitarian evolutionary process, we are confronted with a traumatic picture of relatively frequent global cosmic catastrophes that profoundly altered our planet’s geologic and social landscape.

Of all the alarming data presented by the author, undoubtedly the most pertinent and pressing is that these events cannot and should not be consigned to the past, but viewed as an urgent wake-up call about our possible future.