Are you stressed? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, conditions that your doctor cannot diagnose or that he thinks are “all in your head”? Are you in physical pain more often than not? Is your system toxified from living in today’s polluted environment? Do you wish you could face life’s challenges with greater calm and peace of mind? Would you like to actually feel healthy, happy and pain-free every day?

“Introducing Éiriú Eolas (pronounced “AIR-oo OH-lahss”), the amazing scientific stress-control, healing, detoxing and rejuvenation program which is THE KEY that will help you to change your life in a REAL and immediately noticeable way:

Proven benefits of the Éiriú Eolas Program include:

  • instantly control stress in high energy situations
  • detox your body resulting in pain relief
  • relax and gently work through past emotional and psychological trauma
  • regenerate and rejuvenate your body/mind.

Éiriú Eolas will enable you to rapidly and gently access and release layers of mental, emotional and physical toxicity that stand between you and a healthy, younger feeling and younger looking body!”

The Éiriú Eolas technique grew out of research conducted by the Quantum Future Group under the direction of Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Gabriela Segura, M.D. The practice has been thoroughly researched and proven to work by the thousands of people who are already benefiting from this unique program. The effects are cumulative and results and benefits can be seen in only a very short time, sometimes after just one session!


Part 1: In this video lecture, you will receive a detailed overview of the science behind the breath and the simple action of breathing by program developer, Laura Knight-Jadczyk. She outlines the importance of the breath for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. You will also learn the primary breathing technique that will be used in the exercises on Discs 1, part 2, and disc 2: Pipe Breathing. This is the Magic Key to instant stress reduction and control. Pipe breathing brings the entire body-mind system into balance. You can use it any place at any time for instantaneous results; control fears and phobias; recover quickly from shocks or use in high energy situations where decisive action is required and stress control is essential.

Part 2: This disc is a video demonstration of the Éiriú Eolas warm-up exercises and the breathing techniques that comprise the Éiriú Eolas program.

  1. Three-stage breathing with a kick! This is the fifteen minute daily routine that can stimulate all organ systems to detox and heal naturally. Cumulative effects of regular practice include body-mind balancing, regeneration of major organ systems leading to healing and rejuvenation. Results can be noticed after just one session and repeated practice can result in actual, physical regeneration.
  2. Beatha (Life) Round Breathing: Also known as bioenergetic breathing, pioneered by Alexander Lowen, a student of Carl Jung. This technique rapidly and gently accesses and releases layers of emotional toxicity and psychological pain. Beatha can release deep stress and old abuse trauma including PTSD. This segment of the program contributes to deep oxygenation of all tissues and thus enhances the healing and body-rejuvenation process. Achieve Glorious Freedom from old programs and hang-ups! This is for weekly or occasional use, but is contraindicated during pregnancy or for people with any brain chemistry imbalance.
  3. Prayer of the Soul Meditation: This is the centerpiece of the program and should be utilized every night before going to sleep. Employing an initial period of Pipe Breathing that rapidly induces a deep state of meditative relaxation, the Prayer consists of affirmations that enter deeply into the subconscious and trigger deep body and soul level healing and rejuvenation. The effects are cumulative and results and benefits can be experienced after only a short period of practice, often after just a single session!


Disc 2 is an audio CD for you to use to practice the entire Éiriú Eolas breathing program itself, culminating in the powerful Prayer of the Soul, a non-denominational, non-sectarian, scientific prayer – a truly unique achievement in our time.


The audio from the CD with subtitles, set against a backdrop of relaxing nature scenes. Use this disc if Éiriú Eolas CD is not available in your language or if you are hearing impaired. This disc also contains a copy of the Éiriú Eolas guide book in languages in PDF format that can be accessed from your computer along with MP3 versions of the CD in English and other languages.

Subtitles available in: English, Danish, German, Spanish, Greek, French, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Turkish and Vietnamese!

Sound too good to be true? No problem: you can try the entire Éiriú Eolas program online before you buy it!

You don’t need a credit card, and there is no “trial period”. The whole program is available online for FREE, right now, for anyone.

Why? Because Éiriú Eolas is so revolutionary that once you try it, you will want to own your own copy!