Enjoy this classic wind-proof lighter with a spectacular new design. Based off the original Austrian outdoor utility lighter, this lighter uses lighter fuel and comes with a wick, protective windscreen and snap opening/closing cap for easy extinguishing. Unlike many cheap plastic disposable lighters, the original wind-proof lighter design is refillable and designed to last for many years.

These lighters came to prominence during the Second World War because of their unique ability to light and stay lit in almost all weather conditions. And because all the necessary parts like the wick and flint and rayon packing are replaceable, one can count on the proper functioning of their personal wind-proof lighter for a very long time.

What makes this particular lighter unique is the one of kind multi-colour shining flame, designed in house by our own graphics team.

Should you wish to have a lighter personalized with your own photograph or background image, please contact us for details.