This gorgeous mousepad is delicately illustrated with an opaque pale green pastel-coloured spiral painted atop a flowing montage of curls, loops and leaves, with an arrangement of violet coloured flowers in the center. In black text, a short quote from theoretical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk follows the line of the spiral inwards and stands in sharp relief against the soothing background design.

The quote is a concise reminder that there is no time like the present to begin striving for one’s goals, and not to give a thought to how long such striving should take. The effort of working towards one’s aim itself is sufficient and one’s labour, whether it takes one lifetime or five, shall bear fruit at the appropriate time.

Printed Quote:

“If you need five lives to accomplish what you want, let this be the first of those five.”


Should you wish to have a mousepad personalized with your own photograph or background image, please contact us for details.