This mug with its colorful characters and playful tones bring to life the magic of our imagination and of stories we have all but forgotten.  But what is the story? As with all works of art, it is open to interpretation.


This is a story that is true to its word, 

about a squirrel, a fox, a deer and two birds.

They all lived in a forest with rocks, flowers and trees

where the sun shone brightly and the moon was asleep

One fine spring day, the air full of fragrant scents

their friend the deer got caught behind a fence

The squirrel was puzzled and did not know what to do

one bird gave him a flower and said “this is for you”

The fox knew the deer couldn’t free himself alone

so to get a better look he jumped up on a stone

He spied a second bird up high in a tree

and asked him if he could help the deer get free

So the bird closed his eyes where an idea took shape

“All the deer needs to do is jump high to escape”

And so high the deer jumped with all of his might

and joined his friends in the forest where they slept for the night


Should you wish to have a mug personalized with your own photograph or background image, please contact us for details.

*All of our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and ideal for hot and cold drinks.