Who remembers sitting in a darkened movie theater moments before the latest Apocalyptic blockbuster lights up the sliver screen holding a big bag of buttered popcorn on their lap? Transported to another universe watching our brave heroes face off against Zombies or Aliens or Mutant Killer Viruses or cataclysmic events. For two hours, immersed in a fictional universe, thrilled and engaged, we lose ourselves in the story, safe in the knowledge that when the lights come up, everything goes back to normal.

Those were the days…

Strangely, what was once fiction has become our new reality, and any notion of normal is long gone. Collectively we are now facing the imminent threat of mutant killer alien zombie viruses combined with catastrophic earth changes in real time. And as we watch our world turn into a real-life dystopian movie, those of us who can keep a clear head and a sense of humour know that with a big bucket of popcorn and a front row seat to the end of the world is the best way to “Enjoy the Show!”
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“Enjoy the Show!”


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