This mug design features an inspirational quote from theoretical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk. The message here is to not worry so much about what other people expect you to do, and instead focus on doing what you love and what brings you joy. He also advises us to not stress about getting everything done right away, but to work patiently, and steadfastly towards our goal, and that sometimes more than one lifetime may be needed to produce great works.

The artistic design is simple and pleasing to the eye, using a palette of green and tan colours, with swirls of flowers and leaves, showcasing a gently curving footpath along the bottom, reminding us that life’s journey often comes with its share of twists and turns.

Printed Quote:

Forget all about saying “I should”.
Replace it instead by saying “I love to do”.
If you need five lives to accomplish what you want, let this be the first of those five.
And without any “time obligation” – start it.
First step first.
Enjoy it. Love yourself. Take care of yourself.
This is the only thing that the Universe wants from you.

~ Arkadiusz Jadczyk


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*All of our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and ideal for hot and cold drinks.