Why are we here? Why do we suffer? If this is an infinite school, what are we here to learn? And why do our efforts at “fixing” our lives often do exactly the opposite? As mystic and researcher Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes in this volume of her expansive Wave Series:

“When you ask a question – if the question is a burning one – your life becomes the answer. All of your experiences and interactions and so forth shape themselves around the core of the answer that you are seeking in your soul. In [my] case, the question was: ‘How to be One with God,’ and the answer was, ‘Love is the answer, but you have to have knowledge to know what Love really is.'”

Soul Hackers is a deeply personal and insightful account of this very process – of burning questions and transformative answers. Through the story of her own struggle with mainstream and alternative religion and the solutions they claim to offer, Knight-Jadczyk lays bare the problems inherent in the New Age movement as a whole – from Reiki, Wicca, and the phenomenon of channeling, to the very real problems of spirit attachments, mind control, and otherworldly predators posing as benevolent beings. She asks what it really means to “create your own reality.” Is it merely self-hypnosis, or is something more hidden in this New Age truism?

The answers lie in the very nature of the Wave – the cosmic force and fabric of personal and collective evolution. For anyone wishing to understand the deeper meaning and reality of the human experience, and what our very near future may very well have in store for us, Soul Hackers provides a map to our symbolic reality and the knowledge necessary to weather the approaching storm.