The Path of the Fool, the Hero’s Journey, the Great Work — by whatever name it takes, the path of self-development and growth of knowledge is one fraught with difficult lessons and intense struggle. But what exactly is the nature of those lessons, and what insights can the latest advances in modern science provide for us along the way?

Debugging the Universe takes us into the heart of what it means to be human, from the molecules of our DNA to our life purpose and true place in the universe, and everything that separates us from embodying that higher potential. Explored within are real-life applications of the Hero’s archetype, the relevance of neuroscience and the ‘molecules of emotion’, the hidden meaning behind the enigmatic symbols of esoterica, and what it means to live inside a complex system: the universal breath of chaos and order.

This volume concludes the publication in print of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s unparalleled and controversial magnum opus: The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea.