As 2012 fast approaches, opinions about what to expect on this much-anticipated date are sharply polarized. Will humanity experience a global, spiritual transformation? Cataclysmic Earth Changes? Or both? Or nothing? If Earth and its inhabitants are scheduled for some life-changing or life-ending event, we should ask ourselves what we know and how we know it, and how to prepare for our future.

Drawing on decades of research into history, religion, and the esoteric, Laura Knight-Jadczyk introduces the concept of “the Wave” to describe the possible phenomena behind all the hype surrounding global transformation. Riding the Wave not only collects the most probable scenarios we may face in the near future – it provides the context to make it all intelligible.

With roots in the science of hyperdimensions made popular by physicist Michio Kaku and the Fortean theories of the late John Keel, Riding the Wave suggests that many of the noticeable changes to our world in the last century are symptoms of the approaching Wave. From climate change, extreme population growth and technological development, as well as novel social and political movements, to the advent of UFO sightings, crop circles, and a variety of otherworldly experiences, something is up on the Big Blue Marble, and it all seems to be leading to a sea change in the way we see and interact with the world. The only question is, will it be for the better or the worse?

An intimate blend of science and mysticism, this volume of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s Wave Series initiates the process of unveiling the truth about life on Earth, and the man behind the curtain…