The Wave is an exquisitely written first person account of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s initiation at the hands of the Cassiopaeans, the alchemical light of the stars. This volume, The Terror of History, explores many explosive and controversial issues: alchemical tradition, Fulcanelli, secret societies, the origins of monotheism, obscured histories and the secret games of the elite.

The Terror of History also introduces one of the most controversial issues facing humanity today: the existence of two types of humans. Could this distinction have been the “unspeakable blasphemy” of the early Christians which goaded the establishment into destroying them? These esoteric traditions are explored along side our modern concepts of psychopathy and the soulless race, making them intelligible to the modern thinker.

The concept of The Wave is vital for anyone wishing to understand the deeper meaning and reality of the human experience, and what our very near future may have in store for us. We all have a responsibility to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to weather the approaching storm. The Wave will provide you with that knowledge.